5 Tips On Keeping Your Wardrobe Organized In New York

Regardless if you live in NY or LA, women tend to fill their closet to the brim. Clean clothes, dirty laundry, shoes, bags, et cetera – they can all go in there. In various cases, you may even find jewelry and important documents inside.

The thing is, some ladies have this wonderful gift of being able to make the closet presentable enough for everyone’s viewing. Meaning, when you open its doors, the contents will not spill out and drown you. However, there are unfortunate ones whose wardrobe looks like they are hiding a dead body under all the piles of clothes.

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Keeping your dresser organized is one of the major problems that women face these days. I know that too well because there had been moments in my life when I would come to office lates because I could not find the shirt that I needed for the day. There was also a time when I wore shorts instead of trousers in cold weather because it was a waste to plow through the throng of clothes in my closet to look for them. Worst of all, my mother would still scold me – her 25-year-old daughter – for having zero organization skills.

“People with a wardrobe full of clothes who insist they can’t find a thing to wear are likely struggling elsewhere, such as with overspending, disorganization, working too hard or body image anxiety,” says Jennifer Baumgartner, PsyD.

Thus, after I got fed up with the routine, I took everything out of my wardrobe out one evening and started folding what needs to be folded and hanging what needs to be hanged. Only, the technique of organizing a closet does not end there. Remember the tips mentioned below to avoid getting an earful from your loved ones too.

Unity Is The Best Policy

From the get-go, you should realize that the task will be nice and easy if your wardrobe has lots of compartments. It entails that you can merely put all of your cotton shirts on one section, then your blouses to another, and so on. Your jackets, blazers, dresses, and skirts may have a divider between each other too.

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However, in case your closet has only a single compartment where your undies are supposed to be at – and the rest is just a vast space with a bar on top to hang your clothes on – do not lose hope. You can drape all your shorts to the leftmost part of the closet, followed by your pants, your shirts, your sweaters, your dresses and your other forms of clothing until you reach the opposite end of your closet space. By doing so, you will be able to achieve uniformity and prevent your wardrobe from looking like a mess.

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Color Code

Some girls find it easier to search for an apparel based on its color. It does not matter to them whether it’s a dress or a blouse, you know. As long as they are of the same shade, they feel more in control of the situation than ever.

When someone arranges according to color, Psychologist Carolyne Mair says, “This arrangement would predict an organized and creative personality in a person who values appearance over functionality,” says Mair. “They may derive pleasure simply from looking at a color-organized wardrobe. In addition, this approach can be a great way of realizing how many items you have in a particular color!”

Considering that is how you roll as well, you may buy a closet that has vertical partitions. In that manner, you can split your clothes according to their color and not their type.

Organize Based On The Season

Having an entire wall as your wardrobe area means that you may divide your clothes according to the time of the year. That will lessen the time that you have to spend staring inside your closet while trying to remember where you put what garment.

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Nonetheless, if you happen to live in a tiny apartment in the metro and need to share a small cabinet with a roommate, there’s still something you can do. Buy stackable plastic containers and fill them with stuff that you need for every season. Label them too so that you have an idea of what’s in every box without opening them.

Mix And Match In Your Free Time

Aside from a tousled closet, girls do waste precious time by trying on pieces of clothes that might go together multiple times. “Will this plaid skirt match this white top?” “How about I wear a floral dress with boots instead?” “Oh, I forgot that I have this cute purse that will go with denim jeans too!”

This fickle-mindedness is what usually makes them late for their meeting. While you are still in the mood of organizing your wardrobe, therefore, you should experiment with your clothes already. Say, know what shirt can go with what pants or what shorts will look good with a particular top. If you run the risk of forgetting them, you may hang the possible pairs together. This way, you may narrow down your options for future preference.

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Keep It Clean

There are times that our closet looks congested because the clothes that we no longer wear are still in there. Although they are in the back, the items continue to consume space that should be for your go-to garments. Hence, you ought to inspect your wardrobe thoroughly and get rid of the things that you do not like anymore.

As Psychologist Kathleen Kendall-Tackett said, “”Stuff accumulates because we don’t have time to go through it. But spending a little bit of time creating an orderly linen closet can actually save you time and stress in the long run.”

Final Thoughts

If I managed to organize my closet, so can you. Follow the tips given above as a start. Good luck!