5 Top Cakes For Women To Bake [“Sweeten Up” Your Relationship]


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Women who know how to bake is always five stars, although our society nowadays accepted independent and career women who don’t have much time to learn the art of baking. Still, every special occasion or celebration, there is always a cake to delight everyone, and cake is a symbol of pleasure, and more and more people are learning how to bake and create a variety of designs from classic icing to fondant to 3D to realistic designs.


Baking is one way to diffuse stress. It allows a person to divert all the negative energy suppressed inside to create something pleasurable. It also gives an opportunity for wives to entice their husbands and their whole family promoting a better mood inside the house.

“Baking is thinking step-by-step and following the specifics of the here and now, but it’s also thinking about recipes as a whole, the dish as a whole, what are going to do with it, who it’s going to, what time are you sharing it, so baking is a really good way of developing that balance of the moment and the bigger picture.” Julie Ohana, LCSW and culinary art therapist. 

5 Top Cakes Women Need To Learn To Bake To Promote A Sweeter Relationship


  1. Chocolate Cake

Susan Albers, PsyD. encourages us to “savor the cake, lose the guilt!”

The most popular amongst them is the chocolate cake which uses cocoa powder as the star ingredient. Nowadays, there are a variety of recipes with the aim to improve the classic chocolate cake. Some use sophisticated and mainstream chocolates to include in their ingredients. There are also what we call the choco moist and choco fudge cakes.


  1. Carrot Cake


The all-time favorite carrot cake is also one of the cakes that women should try to learn. It’s kind of mysterious how this cake that sounds so oddly turns out to be impeccable. Its main ingredient is of course carrots, but for some reason, it doesn’t taste like one. The origin of this cake is unknown, but there are speculations that it could be from the Middle Ages when carrots were a substitute for sugar. Some recipes were invented then such as carrot pudding which could also be the birth of the carrot cake, but then again, no one knows for sure.


  1. Red Velvet


Just like carrot cake, the origin of the red velvet is also unknown, but it is much similar to a cake recipe developed in the 1940s by the Adams Extract. Now, we use red food coloring to achieve its attractive red look. Though the taste is somewhat mind-boggling as it is hard to tell whether it is made from which, yet it is for sure chocolate cake colored red with a very soft texture contributed by buttermilk.


  1. Fruitcake


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Wives and moms should know this one cake as it is an iconic dessert during festive times of the year such as Christmas. Fruitcake is famous because it uses dried fruits and nuts and it appears enticing and nostalgic because of its colors similar to those of Christmas balls hung in the tree.


  1. Sponge Cake


From the name itself, it gives the idea that it has a soft yet firm texture similar to a sponge. It must be the simplest cake to bake as it uses simple ingredients being flour, egg, butter, and sugar. It could also be whipped with your favorite jam or cream and topped with fruits of your choice.

As Dr. Donna Pincus, “There’s a lot of literature [showing a] connection between creative expression and overall wellbeing. Whether it’s painting or making music [or baking], there’s stress relief that people get from having some kind of an outlet and a way to express themselves.”

Learning how to bake may be one of the simplest things women can do to sweeten their relationships with their loved ones. It is a symbol of one’s time and effort to contribute to the sweet happiness of the whole family. It helps to diminish stress to the one who’s baking as well as to the ones who get a taste of it.