A Wife Is Like A Flower 

Men think women are complicated. There are even some ads on the internet showing how confusing women can become when it comes to what they say and what they really mean. They may say “yes,” but they actually mean “no.” 


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Having a wife is like taking care of a flower, particularly a rose. She has such beauty, yet she is full of thorns. It means men should embrace both her positive characteristics as well as her flaws because these are what make her whole being. 

“Know your partner’s world. Become an expert in her likes and dislikes. Listen to his stories. Again. Know about her dreams as well as her fears.” – Zach Brittle, LMHC. 

What A Flower And A Wife Need 


Water And Sunlight 


Water and sunlight are crucial for a flower to bloom. You have to water it every day as long as it gets the right amount of water that it needs. You also need to be sure that you have chosen a spot where it could get the sunlight it needs. 



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A wife needs enough love to be the best woman that she can be. Give her more than she needs and she could drown. Deprive her, and you could also lose her love. Like choosing the best spot for a flower, you must also select the best place for your wife. You must find her a comfortable house located in an area where she will be happy and free from stress. 

Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. says, “You may think your partner would want a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day when she’d rather just hear you say how you sincerely feel toward her on an average afternoon.”

Get Rid Of Pests 


In a garden, some pests and insects could feed on the leaves of the plants. You could spend some time and get rid of them one by one, or you could also find ways to prevent them from coming to your garden. 


You have to get rid of the people who consume the positivity of your wife. Sometimes, there are pests in your life that you don’t notice. Make sure that you don’t let her deal with people who will suck the happiness out of her. 


Create A Beautiful Surrounding 


You must invest in your garden to watch your plants grow beautifully. You could get a flower bed intended only for your flower. It will provide the space it needs to live. 


You have to invest in your wife as well. Buy her things and comfortable furniture that she could use every day in the house. You can purchase appliances that could make her chores easy. 

“Picking up some of the slack,” advises Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, LCPC, “provides her tremendous relief and she sincerely appreciates it. Don’t wait for her to ask. Just do it.”

Sing To Your Garden 


No, it’s not crazy. It helps plants bloom quicker and healthier when you sing to them. They need carbon dioxide to grow. So whenever you sing or talk to them, you give them an element that they need to live. 


It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sing to your wife. Healthy communication is the key to know her state. Check if you are on the same page concerning your relationship. You can spend the morning talking, allot a time maybe before bedtime to touch base, or yes; you could sing to her if you please. 

Joyce Marter, LCPC, wrote, “Let your partner know that you want to be supportive. Ask them to be clear about what they need or want, such as space, affection or help with certain tasks, she said. You also might ask them what kinds of support they don’t want.”  



A flower gets nutrients from fertilizers which help it to bloom quicker and healthier. You will notice some plants have eggshells or fruit peels around them. It is because there are nutrients in them that could help the plants grow. Some people buy fertilizers to provide their plants with the best nutrients that they can have. 


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A wife needs fertilizer as well but not literally. She will benefit from a little extra time and effort to show her how much she is important. Provide her with extra attention or maybe buy her some gift. These simple things will help her grow into the best woman that she can be. 


A flower’s growth depends on how you tame it. If you shower it with enough water and sunlight, it will bloom beautifully. Do the opposite, and you’ll get a gardenful of grass. 


Both a flower and a wife need tender loving care. You can spend the morning in the garden, sing to the flowers, and watch them bloom. It is the same thing with your wife. You can have coffee with her every morning and watch how sweet she smiles. 


If you let a flower be and wait until it blooms, the feeling will never be as rewarding because you never spent an effort in making it grow. You have let the time pass and allowed it to wither. Same with your wife. If you leave her be and you don’t put effort into making her happy, you will grow apart from each other, and the feelings and emotions will slowly fade.