How Important Is Your Mental Health?


Aside from knowing that mental health improves the quality of our lives, what else can we further expect from it? Since excessive stress and pressure contributes to health problems, how can mental wellness help in addressing these issues?


Understanding Mental Health

The way to knowing how damaged we are is by identifying the markers of the negative impacts on our overall health. Not just physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral, but the totality of all the factors affecting our lives and decisions. Being away from anxiety, depression, addiction, excessive stress, and other psychological health problems allow us to have a better chance of living. There is peace of mind, satisfaction, and happiness in everything we do. However, that positivity is only attainable when we choose to understand what mental health means to us.

According to Carol Gooch, LPC, LMFT, “Good mental health helps you enjoy life and cope with problems. It offers a feeling of well-being and inner strength. Just as you take care of your body by eating right and exercising, you can do things to protect your mental health. In fact, eating right and exercising can help maintain good mental health.”



Choose To Be Better

  • Mental health helps strengthen our ability to grow towards making potential good life choices. Not only does it enables us to handle different cases of emotional and psychological issues, but it also maintains our proper well-being. Though it’s not always as good as what we expect it to be, it sometimes allows us to become aware of what we are capable of doing.

John Grohol, PsyD, “But it includes something else we may not always consider — mental health, just like our physical health, operates on a continuum. You can be completely disabled by problems in your mental health, lead a pretty happy and fulfilling life, or fall somewhere in-between these two extremes at different points in your life.”

  • Self-Love determines the quality of how much we care about ourselves. It is the foundation of our beliefs and hopes about positive things within us. Though sometimes we get distracted from humiliation, insults, and judgments from other people, our attitude towards loving ourselves picks us up from every rock bottom. From there, we begin to feel the sense of improvement beneath the attacks.


  • The disapproval and neglect of the surrounding people may take its toll on our overall development. If we let it affect us and allow it to destroy us mentally, things would eventually fall out of its path. However, through mental wellness, we can develop an attitude that uses the negativity on creating a better response. It allows us to steadily connect and pay attention to what we want and what we should do.


  • It may be a little odd that we feel bad about ourselves sometimes, but it is okay. The awareness of what we are going through is a sign that our mental health is in its working process to keep us better. It provides us a mental clarity even if we are in a situation where we think nothing good is going to happen. Mental health gives us a well-grounded sense of worth that can help us realize that our lives matter.



It’s not easy to attain a well-balanced life, and sometimes, our decisions can get caught up in the middle. But if we try to look at things differently and work on the process of getting positive results, we can expect things to change its course. Our mental health is essential not only for the benefit of staying healthy but also for the reason of being a fully functioning individual that cares less about stress and pressure. The reward of being mentally healthy is limitless, and the satisfaction it gives creates a different meaning in our lives.

“What is good mental health? It is the ability to be fully in reality as it is, without requiring it to be anything other than it is right now.” – Sophie Henshaw, Clinical Psychologist