How Going To The Beach Helps Our Senses: Promoting Creativeness In Writing


Some people have the most creative imagination and thoughts that they have a way of compelling people, stirring their minds and emotions. They can amazingly turn ordinary to extraordinary with just the use of their words. However, even the most brilliant minds experience an interruption. As for writers, they could experience a mental block that can be from stress.

When you are a writer, it could be so much challenging to deal with emotional distractions. A simple worry can turn your brain not to function correctly, and there is just nothing to write. A writer can stare at the computer for hours, but there’s just nothing coming out.

“What’s referred to as writer’s block is waiting for the third phase of creativity: inspiration.” – Oshin Vartanian, PhD

Going to the beach is very much relaxing. It provides an extra push and motivation when someone experiences burnout. As for writers, the feeling that the beach gives can be an inspiration to write amazing things. It could promote a brilliant idea because it stimulates the brain.



Why Going To The Beach Is Good For The Four Senses:

  1. The Sound Of The Waves

Music is what soothes our craving mind. It somehow eases our worries and makes us calm, but then, why is it whenever we go to the beach and hear the sound of the waves, we feel like we hear music? The sound that the water makes when hitting the shore is an effortless melody that fuels the mind.

“Listening to the repetitive sounds of the waves is soothing to our maxed-out nervous systems. The tranquility brings us back to a predictable pace, and we can co-regulate our breathing in harmony with the waves,” says Christine Scott-Hudson, LMFT.

  1. The Crystal Clear Waters

Water is everywhere around us, in the house, and all elsewhere, but something is spellbinding to see the water glimmer when the sun rays hit the vast seas. It is like looking through and beyond the endless possibilities of our capability. As a writer, everything that we see is essential in creating an emotion that will inspire us to write something.

  1. The Touch Of Sand

In this world where our obsession for trendy footwear consumes us, there is still one place where we would want to go barefoot to feel the sand rub the sole of our feet. The grainy feeling gives us a refreshing and humbling feeling that even a simple form of the earth can provide us with a sense of self-discovery and that’s why walking barefoot on the shore can help us clear our thoughts, especially when we are contemplating on a decision.

Richard Shuster, PsyD, says that blue has a profound calming effect on people. “Staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state,” says Shuster.


  1. The Breath Of Fresh Air

It is human nature to get bored, and when we are doing a daily routine, it is most likely that we will burn out. It is a curse of today’s modern world to always aim for the next big thing, and we are all drawn to that feeling because we don’t have satisfaction. However, going to the beach can make us pause and rethink of our dreams, fears, drives, and life in general.


These things are essential in freeing the brilliant ideas caged up in our brains that’s why writing while facing the beach is one of the brightest ways to create something extraordinary with the use of our thoughts, imagination, and a little bit of technology. A writer can always opt for the conventional method of writing with the use of a typewriter or even pen and paper, but the vital thing is to have an open mind, and going to the beach has the power to help us fulfill its full capacity.