Nothing Worth Your Time Comes Easy – The Proper Mindset





Nothing in life comes easy – not the good grades, a promising career, even starting a new hobby.


I spend eight hours of my every weekday working in front of my laptop, and this has been my life for more than 14 years now.  My friends are wondering why I never get bored just working at home.  They often ask me, “Is it easy?”   My answer, “Well, it’s not, but it’s all worth it.”


God’s Plan Is For Us To Prosper And Not Harm Ourselves

Working from home is one of God’s greatest blessings He has given our family.  It’s an answered prayer to my request that I may be able to work and at the same time take care of my children.  It’s an opportunity that allowed me to learn how to budget my time and prioritize since working in a home environment with kids around is never easy, but it gave us a chance to be together 24/7 and allowed me to be a hands-on mom.  It allowed us to have a happy and exciting life.

Indeed, Psychologist Timothy Golden is right when he said, “Telework is here to stay.”

It’s not true that we, those who work from home, have a boring social life.   In fact, I can say that I started having an exciting life when I started working from home.





Perks Of Working At Home

Working from home is my ticket to freedom to work from the comfort of my own home.  It allows me to work flexible time, do household chores right after work with no worrying that I’ll be stuck in traffic and might get home very late.  In between tasks, I can exercise spending 10 minutes on my treadmill.  I can use my lunch break dropping by the grocery stores if I need some stuff.  There are days when I can even do the laundry, fetch the kids from school, and cook for them.  Being able to finish my work earlier allows me to spend the late afternoon or early evenings with my kids.


These are just some of the perks I enjoy out of working at home.  And there’s more

1.  I have time to visit my parents often and see how they’re doing.   I can even sometimes accompany them if they need a checkup or go somewhere.  Allowing me to still bond with them is one of the best things I enjoy just by working from home, which I think I won’t be able to do if I’m tied to an office setting.


2.  I can learn new things, enrolling in some online courses.  I was able to attend art and cooking workshops.  I attended swimming and kayaking lessons.  Life just becomes more beautiful when I can enrich myself and enjoy things I just used to dream about.

“There is growing recognition in psychology research that creativity is associated with emotional functioning,” says Tamlin Conner, a psychologist.

3.  I get to expand my group of friends and meet up with them once in a while – online friends, friends from my newfound hobbies, my paddle club, my Zumba ladies, my walking buddies.


Prioritize What Is Important

It’s never easy to work from home.  There are many destructions, things that might hinder you from completing tasks on time, and from being productive.  So it is necessary that if you decide to work from home, you know how to prioritize.


My work is my bread and butter, the very thing that allows me and my family to enjoy many things in life.   I need to be responsible and take care of it.


I do this for my kids.  I experience and witness my kids’ growing up years by taking care of them myself and making sure that they become disciplined kids.   Every parent wants a better future for their kids, but while you’re so busy building a future for them, don’t forget the fact that they also need you now, here, today – to be present.

As Tara Kelly, LMHC, said, “I believe taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually is vital to our well being and can highly impact our ability to experience joy and life fulfillment.”

I do it for myself.   Learning to enjoy and appreciate every aspect of my life gives me less stress and worry, thus, making me healthier mentally.  Acquiring new hobbies makes me physically fit.  No one will be responsible for my wellbeing but me.  I don’t just sit here all day.  I make sure that I have a balance of my work life, family life, spiritual life, social life, and my me-alone life.




Nothing In This World Comes Easy That Is Worth Your Time

Life should be a balanced mix of your working, playing, and resting, which should all be a source of your enjoyment.  A happy life that is well-lived is what we all deserve.  It’s not easy to do what you love, but it’s always worth a try.  There’s no such thing as too late when we’re talking about happiness.  It’s just a matter of making your decision now.


A man becomes what he dreams about a day in and day out only and only if he does something about it.  Stop chasing your tail, but start holding it high into the air with happiness, confidence, and gratitude.