Ways To Handle Stress When You’re New At Being Rich And Famous

Has your dream of being rich and famous finally come true?

You deserve nothing but respect and perhaps a standing ovation because of that, to be honest. Imagine, you probably used to pray to be in that position every night in the last few years. The road to success may not have been as polished as you wish either. Despite that, you prevailed, and you are now where you want to be. So, congratulations!

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Celebrations aside, however, it’s highly apparent that stressful moments can still befall you even if you already live comfortably. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a YouTube sensation, a new pop star, or the owner of a startup business – pressure may come your way nevertheless. After all, you may feel the need to always prove to people why you are worthy of their love and following.

However, “the psychology of wealth is knotty,” says Olivia Mellan, a psychotherapist. “On the surface, being wealthy can make people believe they have more control over their lives, but it can also control them emotionally.”

“Will life ever not be this hectic?” you might ask. Well, it primarily depends on how good you are at handling stress. If you have run out of tricks for that, check out the way we’ve laid out below.


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  1. Delegate Some Work To Others

Bret Moore, PsyD suggests, “Interspersed between the consistent, low-grade, wear you down over time type stress, your clients also experience days of fast-paced, unrelenting, and “sharp pain” aggravations.  One of the more common (and curable) aggravations is shouldering too many responsibilities.”

When you were still starting your career, it’s understandable that you may have to DIY everything. In case you make videos for a living, you possibly have no choice but to be your lighting director and video editor. If you market products, the process of getting items wrapped and delivered to customers may be something that you, your parents, and other relatives need to do.

Despite that, since you already have enough cash in the bank, you should consider hiring more staff. You can afford to get additional help to expand your brand now. It’s no longer necessary to cut costs because you have the means to pay other people to work for you.

If you heed this advice, you can focus on coming up with more productive ideas instead of stressing over every aspect of the business.

  1. Show The Real You

Self-made individuals such as yourself may deal with less pressure as well if you avoid doing what others do and show the real you. That’s perhaps one of the things that have drawn people in towards your brand, frankly speaking. Although you may move with a bit more finesse than usual or put on clothes from high-end labels, you cannot forget to present your true nature to everyone.

  1. Take Time Off If Necessary

In case you have never paid attention to the daily routine of successful people, you should know that most of them give a little of their time to sleep. The notion of being in bed for eight hours seems ridiculous for them, considering some are already out and about before the sun rises. “People need time off from work to recover from stress and prevent burnout,” said David W. Ballard, PsyD,

Although their dedication to work is beyond incredible, it’s best for you to not push past your physical limitations all the time. Similar to extra staffing, you can also afford to go on a short vacation once in a while and recharge yourself. Refusing to do so may burn you out eventually, and that won’t be favorable for anyone.


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Being newly rich and famous means that exciting times are ahead for you. You may not need to worry about where to get the money to pay for your next rent or car mortgage. You may be able to travel the world as well without putting a cap on your budget.

Nonetheless, you should learn how to handle stress this early so that it won’t pollute your mind and body later. If you want to talk to a professional who will walk you through managing your daily stresses and challenges, subscribe to the BetterHelp app. It provides a way for you to discuss your mental health concerns, including stress, anxiety, and others, anytime and anywhere. Check out some client reviews here or know more about signing up today! Good luck!