You Are Never Alone

It is almost three years since I last attended the 2017 support group discussions. It was the time of my life where I thought I wasn’t going to make it. All the anxiety and depression that linger in me, I thought I was going to die alone. It was not easy to leave my comfort zone and expose myself to the world. But that support group opened my eyes to a new definition of living.


My mental health condition is something no one would want to have. There is the stress of always thinking about negative things. The worries are countless, even though there is entirely nothing to worry about. The despair I was feeling that time is ruining every sane emotion I have. It is as if I frequently need to validate my worth because I feel like no one will be there for me. I used to think that life is all about fear, sadness, and isolation. But boy, I was wrong.

The battle took me several years, but I am happy to say I made it. My darkest thoughts fade eventually, and I became more aware of what I can do. When I allowed people to surround me with their positivity, I knew from then I made the right choice. Because not only I managed to stabilize my mental and emotional health, I also realized I was not alone.


Yes, it is not that easy to entrust your worries and fears to people. There is this thing that can hold you back from doing it. Sometimes you get worried because you don’t want your loved ones to carry the burden you always have. But changing that ideology will set you free. Because allowing people to come in your life, and share with you the pain, is all you need to survive.