Your Psychiatrist May Recommend Baking To Manage Mental Health

Who doesn’t want bread, cake, cookies, and other pastries? Well, we all do love them! To make this yummy food, one needs to know about baking. It is a form of cooking where the heat from an oven will slowly cook the surface up into the center. Psychiatrists recommend baking therapy as it is an activity that relaxes but at the same time stimulates the mind. Therefore, it can be good for mental health.

“When the task allows you to create something to nourish yourself and your loved ones, it can be a very powerful experience,” says Julie Ohana, LMSW and Culinary Arts Therapist. 


What Are The Benefits Of Baking?


  1. Baking helps you gain focus. Unlike other forms of cooking, baking requires precision and full attention. Every ingredient needs to have an exact measurement, or it could make a big difference to the outcome: Not too much flour or it becomes hard and heavy, not too much sugar or it becomes too sweet, or not too much baking soda because it turns too salty. The time for cooking should also be precise or it can either be underbaked or overbaked.


  1. Baking lets you acquire several abilities including working under pressure, excellent decision making and fast thinking. Time is vital, and there are circumstances when you need to decide on how many you’re going to make, which color you’re going to use, or how sweet your cake’s going to be. These choices should happen fast especially while you’re already baking or else you could start over. “Baking has the benefit of allowing people creative expression,” says associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Boston University, Donna Pincus.


  1. Baking develops eye and hand coordination. It teaches your senses to work together to achieve a delectable outcome. It requires your hands to be fast and responsive to all your ideas like in decorating a cake. All the colors, shapes, and patterns come from your thoughts, but your hands create them.
  1. Baking makes you feel fulfilled when you have finished successfully. Being able to do something great is something that creates a significant positivity inside you. It makes you proud of yourself that you were able to achieve something out of hard work and, if not passion, fun time.


  1. Baking allows you to make other people happy. When you do well, people are fascinated by the way you designed your cakes, cookies, bread, etc. They marvel at the colors and patterns you used. The taste stimulates happiness, and they feel energized. It is always rewarding when you can do something incredible for others to enjoy. It lets you appreciate yourself more.


Baking therapy is an excellent way to battle mental health issues. It is a tool that makes us better ourselves at something which makes us proud and confident. Baking is not for everyone though. Some might find it stressful and would rather wait in the dining rather than get busy in the kitchen.


Additionally, LMFT Lisa Bahar urges people to try to practice mindfulness in the kitchen. She says, “The very process of cooking can nourish your psychological well-being.”

It is vital to gauge if you have interest or passion in it because the objective of the therapy is to de-stress you and make you feel better. If it does otherwise, then it is not an activity for you. It could cause you more trouble than good such as disappointment, depression, and stress. Psychiatrists recommend baking therapy because of the benefits and outcomes of the activity. It for those who have a passion for it because we all do great in something we love to do.